Build a shoe brand without the headache

Bluebyrry launches paving the way for companies and entrepreneurs to build their own shoe line without having to order large quantities at a time or hold inventory. 

I'd like to give it a try

Bluebyrry (pronounced "Blueberry") is a private-label shoe manufacturer that allows businesses to build their shoe company entirely with their platform, and takes care of all their supply needs. 

Atlanta, Georgia | Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - Bluebyrry today announces that it is open for business and ready to start accepting customers' business. "We are ready to go and eager to help small and large businesses revolutionize their companies by giving them all the tools they need to be successful"; says CEO & Founder, Jay Chandler.

Bluebyrry started in 2020 as a shoe brand for people with large feet, but has since changed its business model up and even went through a name change. "We used to be called NAIRA Shoes, but decided to make the name change as it had been closely associated with Nigeria, given it is the name of the African country's monetary unit." 

Bluebyrry helps a multitude of different customers and has multiple segments that it focuses on heavily. They include entrepreneurs, small businesses, regular customers with large feet, and even larger businesses. The company works as a "no minimum order quantity" manufacturer and allows businesses to get their shoes made, fulfilled, drop-shipped, and inventory-managed without having to invest a significant amount of money upfront. 

"When I was starting in business and trying to source products on my own, I still remember having to work extremely hard for months just to find a decent manufacturer, usually in China. When I found that one manufacturer, it seemed that something would always happen that ruined the supply line and I'd lost a ton of money over and over again. When I did place an order other than sample orders, it'd always have to be 500 units ordered at once or more, which was never really affordable, especially when starting."

Today, Bluebyrry is eager to get customers signed up to its SaaS model that offers much much more volume than a traditional manufacturer. 

Bluebyrry has 3 different membership classes, which include: Customer Class, Business Class I, and Business Class II.

1. Customer Class is for members who often buy shoes and would prefer to get them at a cheaper rate since they purchase them so regularly. This also includes customers with larger than average feet -- size 14 US men and up.

2. Business Class I is for members who are small businesses and are seeking to grow their small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get started in the world of business. Bluebyrry offers them all the tools they need to be successful.

3. Business Class II is for members who are small to large-sized businesses who do $10,000 or more in monthly revenue.  

Bluebyrry offers a very unique pricing model. To utilize our services, we charge customers a monthly subscription-based on their membership level. For Customer Class members, the cost is $25 a month; for Business Class I members, the cost is $50 a month; and, for Business Class II members, the cost is free to use since they already do volume. 

*For more information about our monthly recurring pricing structure, please visit our Pricing page.


For businesses and customers, it is a no-brainer. Benefits for businesses include: 

- Shoe Builder: build and design their shoe with our 3D modeling software that offers thousands of different variations that they can choose from. Never worry about making the same shoe as someone else

- Warehousing & Fulfillment: Store any shoes that you'd have pre-made in our factory without having to hold any inventory on your own.

- Dropshipping: Not only do we store your orders, but we also ship the item to your customer with your packaging and branding -- No Bluebyrry logos or branding will be found.

- Branding: We offer branding by adding logos to the insole and outsole of the shoe

- No Minimum Order Quantity: You can have your shoes branded at an MOQ of 1 without feeling pressured to buy large quantities at one time. This is especially helpful for small businesses that do not have a lot of money to work with

- Creative Services: We offer professional help for our customers who do not have a large staff. Our experts can help customers brand their businesses to the next level. This includes graphic designers, marketers, videographers, photographers, and more. 

 - Customer Packaging: We also help customers get their custom packaging taken care of without needing to order large quantities at one time.- & more!

Benefits for customers include: 

- Have any size shoe made, custom-fitted

- Up to 20% or 30% cheaper for the highest quality of shoes on the market

- Build your own shoe with our 3D shoe builder -- choose between thousands of different variations and make something unique to you

While there are many more benefits, these are just a few to name.

Jay Chandler
Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Address: 650 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Ste. 300 #1752, Atlanta, GA, 30308