The Ultimate Guide to Bluebyrry Subscription Plans: Totally Free, Business Class, & Free Business Class

Would the right resources in your arsenal increase your business? It will. If you're training to become a bodybuilder and start consuming the right amount of protein versus being protein deficient, you'll grow those gains much faster. Or, if you're a football player and get access to a gym membership and a trainer, you'll get stronger on the field. 

When it comes to choosing the right tools and resources for your business. There are tons of tools out there for businesses, but some can be useless, and some may not be useful for your specific type of business, or your market. 

In this blog post, we'll look into our subscription plans, which are a great resource for helping you grow your business, making it easier for you to make profits and not worry about all the hassle. 

We realize that not all of our customers are businesses. Some are people with big feet and would like a pair of shoes that fit. We're here for you, so don't worry. 

We have 3 plans: Customer Class; Business Class; and Free Business Plan. It is optional to sign up for a plan, or you can purchase shoes without signing up at all.

Free to use

Bluebyrry is 100% free of charge. Anyone can go to our website, build their own shoe, and deliver it at a great price. If you're an individual, you can enjoy free usage whenever you want, build cool shoe designs, get access to premium, high-quality materials, and make virtually any size shoe you can possibly think of. 

With our subscription upgrades, you'll have access to way cooler perks, but not having a membership is fine. You can still design and purchase shoes. 


The Product Builder

This all-in-one tool has free, easy-to-use features that make you feel like a top-notch, high-end fashion designer! With the Product Builder, you're just a few clicks away from creating your next designer shoe.



Let's discover the Product Builder a bit more and go into depth on its features so that you know exactly what you can get when creating your products.

Click & Edit Tool

Use the built-in Click & Edit Tool function for your ultimate convenience. Instead of having to click on each section of the shoe and scroll through endless material options to pick from, simply click the area of the shoe you'd like to design. It's that easy!


Getting Started

Starting with Bluebyrry couldn't be easier! If you are a company, you can subscribe to Bluebyrry's Business Class Plan for only $29 / month, or the Free Business Plan, which is 100% free to subscribe to. 

For individuals, you can subscribe to the Customer Class Plan for only $9 / month. 

With either of these three subscription options, know that you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. 

Business Class Plan

Bluebyrry's Business Class Plan is our most well-rounded exclusive subscription plan, offering you access to building your own shoe line without minimum order quantity requirements and offering a competitive discount model. Whether you're utilizing your no minimum order quantity benefits or purchasing bulk, you'll receive massive discounts on every order! 


✅  No Minimum Order Quantity Requirements

You never have to worry about ordering bulk shoes again. 

✅  Massive discounts - 40% to 80% off

Our goal is to provide businesses the tools and incentives they need to succeed and thrive. We do our best to offer the industry's best discounts and deals, so you can focus on your business' bottom line.

✅  Private-label - add your logo & branding

It doesn't cost any extra to add your company branding to the shoe.

✅  Fast shipping and shoe building time

The shoe you build will be ready to be shipped to you within 2 weeks of your ordering. 

✅  3D Shoe Builder

Like all the other plans, you'll have access to the 3D Shoe Builder. 

✅  Custom pricing

As soon as you start your Business Class Plan subscription and log in, you will notice that all prices per shoe are lower. This price change is automatic when you log in.

Free Business Plan

With Bluebyrry's Free Business Plan, companies can opt for bulk orders with a minimum order quantity of 10 or more units per style. By getting this plan, there will be no monthly fees. However, you won't be able to place individual orders at the same price you'd plan if you have the Business Class Plan.

Sample orders

It is best practice to first buy a sample order of the product you want to order in bulk. Sample orders for the Free Business Plan are full price. Discounts start at bulk orders of 10+ units per style for this plan.


The Free Business Plan offers mini-bulk orders to help you scale your small business. With most suppliers, you'd be required to order minimum order quantities of 500 or more units per style, which is often not affordable for businesses just starting out.

Customer Class Plan

With Bluebyrry's Customer Class Plan, you have perks that are not yet seen in your shoes! From custom sizing to engravings to building your own shoe from the ground up, you can do it all with Bluebyrry's Customer Class Plan. Below, we'll list some of the plans top perks!


✅  Up to 30% off all shoes

This is a no-brainer. Not much in this life beats great deals on custom handmade shoes! Enjoy premium discounts on premium quality, custom, handmade shoes!

✅  Get any size shoe - men's and women's sizes

We can make shoes of any size. Whether you wear a size 23 like Shaq, or one foot is larger than the other, we have our ways of accommodating you and providing you with exactly what you need! 

✅  Handmade, custom-made just for you

Bluebyrry offers 100% tailor-made shoes. When wearing our shoes, you know that time, effort, and great skill went into the making of the shoe. 

✅  Design your own shoe with our Product Builder

Our 3D Product Builder gives you realistic, life-like 3D models to build and design your own shoe easily. You don't have to be an esteemed fashion designer, all you need is an idea. 

✅  Dozens of premium, high-quality materials

Some of the materials that we currently have include Box calf leather, painted box calf leather, lux suedes, wool, sartorial patterns, and even patent leather. 

Now you have all the information you need to understand how each plan can help you grow your business or build your shoe closet. By using our 3D Product Builder, thousands of different shoe designs are possible. By the way, there's more to come in the future, so stay tuned!

I will leave you with this: If you would like to try Bluebyrry's Product Builder, sign up for our service by selecting the plan below.

Pick A Plan

Get the first 30 days of your subscription absolutely free with code: WELCOMEx2022.

During the checkout of the subscription plan, you should add the discount code above to your shopping cart in the discount code section. Please email us at if you have any issues. 

Business Class Plan

The Business Class Plan is a game-changer for businesses and brands who sell shoes looking to scale.

Free Business Plan

The Free Business Class Plan is for businesses and brands seeking to purchase order quantities of 10+ units per style at a minimum.

Customer Class Plan

There is nothing like purchasing a pair of amazing shoes that no one else has access to but you. You have that opportunity with us! Not to mention, up to 30% off all shoes, tons of incentives, random discounts, and so much more.