How on-demand drop shipping works 

Run your business with no inventory or upfront investment

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How does Bluebyrry work?

Drop shipping, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Professional Creative Services, & More!

No Minimum Quantity order requirements

You'll never have to worry about ordering more than 1 item at a time - ZERO bulk order requirements.

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Simple, easy order processing, warehousing, & fulfillment

Have all your orders packaged, stored, and shipped by Bluebyrry.

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Build your brand with your advanced 3D customization software

Build your shoes with life-like 3D models. No more guessing games and communication barriers.

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Drop ship all your orders from us to your customers 

We make it so simple that you'll never have to hold any inventory. Just place your orders with us and we'll do the rest!

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How to get your Business Class membership?


Sign Up

You'll be required to tell us some information such as your brand name, your name, your current revenue, etc. There is a $50 monthly recurring fee with no commitment. You can leave whenever you want! 


Create custom shoes

Build your first shoe! Only items that you order are saved to your member dashboard, which will include the materials for each part of the shoe. Feel free to download images and take notes of the shoes that you make even if you don't order then right away!


Fill your store

We have tons of creative services to make beautiful content and photos of your shoes so they can be used on your brand!

Choose between thousands of different variations and dozens of material options like box calf leather, painted box calf leather, pebble grain leather, suede, and sartorial! 


Promote and sell

 Once you determine the different styles of shoe and have amazing visual content developed, start promoting and selling your merchandise for whatever price you'd like to. Fortunately, we use only the best of quality of materials and some companies charge between $300-$700 per pair of shoes. 


watch the orders come in

Let the orders and money rain! While you focus on collecting your money and casting the vision for your company, we'll focus on running your business for you behind the scenes.


We build it, pack, and ship it

Store your inventory at our warehouses. When you get an order, we'll ship it out to your customer for you within 7-15 business days.

What are the costs?

Drop shipping with Naira is free - but you'll need a membership with us

Only spend money when you make money

You never have to order unless your customers order first

We ship worldwide

Live any where and manage a profitable business working with us - No Money Down

Business Class I Membership

$29 per month only & includes all the tools you need to successfully manufacturer a beautiful custom-branded product

Free Business Class Membership

- For businesses and entrepreneurs interested in bulk orders of 10 + units per style

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