Warranty Policy

Updated on Saturday, July 25, 2020

What if I want to get a different item than the one I already have?

The purpose of our warranty is to service your shoes and repair some of the wear and tear that happens over the course of wearing your shoes. 

What if I do not want my warranty anymore? Can I get my money back? 

Your warranty can be refunded up to 365 days after it is purchased.  

What are all the perks and benefits of my warranty?

Your warranty allows you to send your shoes in for repair for up to 365 days after they are purchased. We will repair your shoes that the warranty covers and send them back to you, free of charge.

*Shoe warranties are only available within the United States and United States territories at this moment.

Are the shipping times and conditions any different from when I first ordered?

Warrantable shoes may take up to 4 weeks to arrive back to you, unlike regular orders which take only 2-3 weeks max.

What is the cost of shoe repairs? 

For shoe repairs, the cost will be $50. 

Can I take the accessories off of my shoes before sending them? 

In order to receive a warrantable repair, your shoes must have all components attached to them, including the accessories, such as tassels, gold links, chains, cloth ropes, etc. If these items are not sent in with the shoe, Naira has the right to refuse the warrantable repair.

What if I send the shoes or items in without the accessories attached? And, do I need to ship it back with the mesh bag or paper bag? 

First, if the shoes are sent to use without the accessories, Our Customers First team will attempt to contact you up to 3 times to have the accessory or accessories shipped to our address separately and at the customer’s expense. If unable to provide the additional accessory or accessories, Naira has the right to refuse warrantable repairs. If the customer is within the 365 day period, they will be eligible for a full refund on their warranty.

What happens if Naira goes out of business or stops selling my style item while my warranty is still valid?

If this happens, Naira will ask if the customer wants a full refund, or, the $50 can be added as store credit amounting to $50, or the cost of the warranty.

For more information, please contact us at customersfirst@ournaira.com.