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Belamy Burgundy and Black Leather Full Brogue Shoe

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Material: Burgundy box calf leather, black polished calf leather, brown calf leather lining, brown leather sole. 

Guarantee: We guarantee the highest possible quality of shoes. In fact, our quality is so precise that it is well worth the wait it takes to receive your shoes. 

From Start To Finish/Shipping: Your shoes are handcrafted and hand-stitched by the finest shoe artisans in the world. Due to the delicate nature of making the perfect shoe and always putting our customers first, your shoes will arrive at you within 4 weeks after ordering them. 

History: All our shoes are crafted by hand and made-to-order in Europe, the “Land of True Class”. Making shoes by hand demonstrates a unique kind of connection while knowing that someone spent hours building something just for you and that it wasn't made in a sweatshop.

Hand-Cut: Our unique and timeless patterns are all cut by hand. We do not include molds, lasers, or factory machines of any sort in our shoes' production.

Purpose: We've proudly created jobs for Americans and Africans. We also donate a percentage of our revenue to causes charities recommended by our loyal customers and researched by our highly qualified team.