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Business Class Plan

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The Business Class Plan is a game-changer for businesses and brands who sell shoes looking to scale.

What is the Business Class Plan?

The Business Class Plan is a month-to-month subscription plan built for entrepreneurs and businesses to lower the cost of doing business by lowering their initial upfront investments in holding a large amount of inventory.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Most suppliers require a minimum order quantity ranging from a minimum of 50 orders of the same shoe all the way to 1,000; sometimes even more. With Bluebyrry, your minimum order requirement is only 1 at a time, with your logo included.

Private Label | Add your logo & branding

Private label products are products that a retailer gets produced by a third party but sell under its brand name. 

Using our 3D Shoe Builder, you'll be able to build your shoe and have it manufactured with your logo on the shoe. 

3D Shoe Builder

With our 3D Shoe Builder, you can build unique shoes for your brand and choose between thousands of different variations and hundreds of premium quality materials and soles. 

Massive Discounts

The profit margins you'll have are huge! While you have the option to set your price, our bulk discounts increase those margins even more!

Our discounts on private-label orders range from 40% to 80% depending on the size of the order, styles, and the materials used. 

Bulk Order Discounts

Bulk order discounts, or volume discounts, offer reduced costs based on the number of goods ordered in one order.

 Fast Turnaround & Shipping On Your Orders

We do our best to make it as convenient for businesses and brands as possible. While all our shoes are 100% handmade, we build the shoe and have them shipped in no more than 15 days. While the shipping time is out of our control, it usually ranges from 5 to 13 days.