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Free Business Class Plan

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The Free Business Class Plan is for businesses and brands seeking to purchase order quantities of 10+ units per style at a minimum.

How do sample orders work with this plan?

All sample orders range from $160-$200 plus shipping per sample for this plan. Sample orders can be designed in our 3D Shoe Builder or a design you or your company submitted for us to make.

Sample orders can be made in any shoe size.

All samples come with no logo.

Is there a logo mold fee?

There is no logo mold fee for this plan. However, the minimum order quantity is 10 units per style.

What are some additional benefits of this plan?

While not as flexible as the Business Class Plan, this plan has all that you need if you're sole interest is larger orders. Some benefits included are: 

  • Bulk order discounts
  • no logo mold fee
  • affordable samples
  • fast shipping & turnaround time
  • access to the 3D Shoe Builder to build your own shoes 
  • submit your own proprietary shoe designs