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Logo Mold by Bluebyrry™

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What is a logo mold?

A logo mold is made to add your brand's logo(s) to your shoe or item. Once the logo mold has been created, it won't need to be remade again.

With Bluebyrry's Business Class Plan, you'll get a free logo mold to go on your shoes. If you decide to change your logo mold, that is the only time you will need to re-order it. Once re-ordered, you'll have access to that logo, mold as well as your previous logo mold. 

✅  An Example

See the example of what the logo placements and logo will look like in the product photos on this page. 

✅  The Benefits

While there is a vastly long list of benefits, here are some of the most important ones: 

  • Have your logo placed on your shoe with a minimum order quantity of 1
  • The Business Class Plan initially comes with a free logo mold. If you'd like to change your logo mold, you can do so at any time by ordering a new logo
  • We save all your logo molds so you'll never have to order the same one twice.

✅  The Need-To-Knows

  • Each logo gets two placements on the shoe
  • A logo will go on the sole of the shoe and one on the insole in the same positioning seen in the photo - horizontal on the sole (bottom) of the shoe and vertical on the insole (inside) of the shoe
  • Each logo will look like the photos in the terms of positioning
  • Our standard logos are pressed into the shoe materials and do not have any unique color to them. If you'd like to make your logo different from our standard logo formats, check out our Unlimited Designs addon which will provide you with more flexibility and creative freedom when making your logo. Or, place a bulk order of the same shoe with a minimum order quantity of 25.