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Sartorial Jodhpur Boot - Houndstooth

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This equestrian-inspired masterpiece of a shoe is true to luxury, quality, and craftsmanship. Originating in India in the 1920s, this boot was first worn by the local polo riders. Soon, this boot and style became a unique trend.

Material: Houndstooth sartorial, black painted leather, beige calf leather lining, Goodyear sole

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We guarantee the highest possible quality of shoes sourced from the best artisans and shoemakers in the world.


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Your shoes are handcrafted and hand-stitched by the finest shoe artisans in the world. 



We’re the fastest and most precise custom-made or handmade shoe company in the world. You can expect to receive your shoes no more than 15 days after placing your order. There are instances where the wait time is longer, but we strive to keep our delivery times short. 



Our unique and timeless patterns are all cut by hand. We do not include factory or assembly machines of any sort in our shoes' production.